Frequently Asked Questions

What is UniHop?

UniHop is a student-run startup, created by University of Miami students who wanted to make delivery, of practically anything, more convenient for communities. 


Is UniHop delivering right now?

Check our live-status page CLICK HERE


What is Grocery & Retail Delivery?

Whether your shopping for some food for the week, a new pair of pants or a new phone, UniHop is here to make sure we get the products/goods you're looking for, and fast!


What is Occasions?

Everyday is worth celebrating, and UniHop is here to make sure every celebration can be properly prepared for with ease. Whether it's a sweet treat, charcuterie board, flowers, or a baked good, we're here to get the goods to celebrate every event!


    What is Parcel?

    Parcel Delivery allows you to receive their packages faster and more personalized than traditional delivery options. Parcel Delivery delivers the packages directly to the student, gets rid of having to wait in lines to pick up packages, and negates the processing time that traditional university mail centers face.

    Ship Out allows you to have your items dropped off at locations such as UPS, USPS, DHL and FedEx. UniHop can also supply recycled packaging materials and professionally box items for you for an added price. Additionally, if you would like a label prepared for you, UniHop can provide one too. Packaging is currently only available in select cities.


      What is Services?

      From laundry & dry cleaning to rideshare, UniHop is here to make your life one hop easier. These services are currently available in select cities.


          When is UniHop coming to my community?

          We would love to help make delivery more convenient for every community, but we want to be able to provide the best service that we can, so we have to grow steadily. To request a city CLICK HERE


          How do I signup for UniHop as a customer?

          Accounts are not required, but you can create a free account here: CLICK HERE


            Can I provide my Hopper with special instructions?

            When you are ready to check out, there will be a section to add additional details for your order. Additionally, our website-chat feature allows for chatting abilities anytime, and we are happy to assist with any questions or details you have about your order.


            What is UniHop's relationship with universities?

            UniHop is not affiliated with universities, but is compliant with all university rules and regulations. For more information, please contact us.