Pre-Semester Shopping and Move-In

Let UniHop Take Care Of All Of Your Pre-Semester Shopping

Moving into college can be a total mess, but we're here to make it a whole 'Hop' easier! Here's how we make it simple: You tell us what you want, we'll get it all, then you tell us when you want it delivered, and we'll delivery it to you! Check out the 4 steps below:

Step 1

Reach Out To Us Get Started

Email us at to get started with your pre-semester shopping.

Step 2

Send Us Your Shopping List

Send us everything from a generic list of items you're looking for (we'll find the best value and most popular items, exact links to the items you want (so you choose the brands/styles), or a mix of both! 

Step 3

We'll Find The Best Prices Locally and Online

We take advantage of local offers and inventories, so we get the items you are looking for even if they go in and out of stock. Let's us worry about finding all of the products, and ordering them to Miami.

Step 4

We Deliver Where and When You Want

As we get closer to move-in, we'll send you a text with our delivery form, so YOU can choose when and where we deliver everything! We make the shopping process easier, so all you do is tell us what you want, and we show up with everything when you move in.