Moving Into College Has Never Been So Easy

What is Pre-Semester Shopping + Move In

Pre-Semester Shopping + Move In makes the hassle of moving into your new apartment/dorm super easy. Whether you're looking to send some items from home, buy dorm essentials/decorations or both, UniHop makes the entire process super easy

  • UniHop Delivery Anything


    Order everything you want through us, and we take care of finding the items (even if they are temporarily out of stock), ordering the items, and packing them all up in a few boxes as possible.

  • Sending

    Have clothes, decorations, etc at home already that you want delivered? You can send us your packages/luggage.

  • Delivery

    At our deadline, we'll have all of your shopping items, luggage, etc properly packaged up and delivered inside your dorm prior to your arrival. Anything ordered/received after the deadline will be delivered conveniently upon your move in.

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  • UniHop Shopping Cart

    Browse on any website, add any product to your cart, then checkout all at once. You can even share your cart with someone else to show them what you're getting.

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  • Fill Out Form

    Create a list for us by telling us the item name, quantity, link to the item and any additonal details you want us to know.

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  • Sending Packages

    Packages reception service can be setup here using the link below.

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🏃Getting Started

Build Your Shopping List

  • If you view the "How to Shop & Send" section, you can see how to build your shopping list. Either use the UniHop Shopping Cart tool or Fill Out Form option.

Send Your Packages

  • If you view the "How to Shop & Send" section, you can see how to build your shopping list. It's simple as just shipping packages to us & paying the service fee.

Place Your Order

  • Once you've build your shopping list, you can submit your order in two ways. If you used the UniHop Shopping Cart, you can simply checkout using the checkout button. If you used the Fill Out Form option, you can checkout here: CLICK HERE

Pay Your Invoice

  • After we've done all of the shopping & have the final cost of everything, we'll send you an invoice to pay.

📅 Deadlines

The deadline for placing shopping orders is July x, 2023. All orders placed after this date will not be eligible for pre-arrival delivery, and will be delivered upon move-in.

The deadline for sending packages is July x, 2023. All packages received after this date will not be eligible for pre-arrival delivery, and will be delivered upon your move-in.



  • A one-time fee of $9.99 per store (any number of items) is charged as a service fee.
  • Items weighing 50+ lbs have a $10 heavy-item fee
  • For products that are only sold online, a fee is charged per package CLICK HERE
  • ***We frequently discount service fees for larger orders***


  • A fee is charged per package CLICK HERE
  • Packages weighing 50+ lbs are charged with an additional fee. Please contact us before sending any packages 50+ lbs CLICK HERE

Pre-Arrival Delivery-

  • A one-time fee of $40 is charged per person

😋 Master Shopper Perks

Product Recomendations

  • Not sure what type of mini-fridge to get or what other students get for air purifiers? Chat with us and we'll recommend products for you!

Interior Design

  • Some people just want a couple posters, others want a dreamy room. Whichever you are, our Master Shoppers are here to help you design the perfect room for you!

Finding Products

  • Have a product on your mind, but not sure where to find it? Or maybe you have a product you want, but it's out-of-stock? Our Master Shoppers are great at finding exactly what you want, and are here to help find anything you want...or the next best thing.

💬 Have More Questions?

You can live chat with us here! CLICK HERE