Dry Cleaning

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How This Works

  1. Checkout on our site, and pay our delivery fee
  2. We'll pickup at your desired location, and take your bag to the cleaners
  3. We'll deliver your bag at your desired location
  4. PAYMENT FOR DRY CLEAN SERVICE: We'll reach out after we get the total cost of everything with a link to pay for the dry clean service, or you can use UniHop Cash (click here to learn more)
  1. Dry clean service that works around your schedule
  2. Fast turn-around time

IMPORTANT: After you place your order, you will receive a text from a UniHop team member to set up your pickup time. Once your clothes are clean, you will receive another text to setup your delivery time.

No refunds/returns are available after payment is sent for the service. Payment for the dry cleaning service must be sent before delivery can be made.

Prices are subject to change, and may differ from what is shown in the base price list.

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