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As soon as you place an order, we'll send you our pickup portal to choose a date and time for a Hopper to come pickup your laundry. Then after your clothes are clean, we'll send you our delivery portal to let us know when you'd like them back.

For all pickups before 3pm, your clothes are available for next day delivery (contact us if you're interested). Standard services takes around 12-36 hours. Certain items, like rugs, may take more time to process.

After we get the total cost of all of the item(s), we'll text you with a link to pay, or you can use UniHop Cash Click here to learn more about UniHop Cash

No refunds/returns are available after payment is sent for the service. Payment for the laundry clean & fold and dry cleaning service must be sent before delivery can be made.

Prices are subject to change, and may differ from what is shown in other places.

For Laundry Service: If less than 20lbs of laundry is serviced for clean & fold, a minimum charge of $36 is charged for the service.

For Dry Cleaning Service: Same-day service is available for an extra fee, please contact us if you're interested.