Misha's Cupcakes

Only Available in Miami, FL



Everyone likes cupcakes, but not everyone likes the same flavors. You choose the flavors, and we'll cook-em up!

Cakes & More

There's more to Misha's than just cupcakes. Devouring some brownies, jars of cookies dough, a cake and so much more has never been so sweet!

  • Flavor-Packed

    All the treats are available in a number of both traditional and Miami-inspired flavors

  • Artistic

    These treats aren't just tasty, but works of art too!

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About Misha's

In early 2005, Misha was home with her first child, when she heard a news story on a cupcake store in California which was taking off in popularity. Baking in her own kitchen, Misha initially gifted her cupcakes to friends and family but soon decided to donate her delicious treats to a charity event.