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1100 Stanford Drive

Hillel UniHop

Coral Gables, FL 33146

How Our Pricing Works

Just 1 package for delivery?
Less than 10lbs = 5 Parcel Points
Less than 20lbs = 10 Parcel Points
Less than 50lbs = 20 Parcel Points
Have multiple packages for the same delivery?
Each additional package:
 Less than 10lbs  + 3 Parcel Points
 Less than 20lbs  + 6 Parcel Points
 Less than 50lbs  + 12 Parcel Points

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With UniHop Pro, your package(s) are elligible for free "ship a package" service for returns, and allows you to further personalize your delivery.

You sure can! Whether it's from FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc, we can accept the package!

That's up to you! Once your package(s) arrive, we'll text you a super quick link to fill out, letting us know EXACTLY when and where you'd like your delivery.

Please send tracking numbers for packages coming to UniHop via the link sent in the order confirmation email. We ask for tracking numbers, so we can keep keep an eye on each inbound package.


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