Sweets, Treats and Baked Goods

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How This Works

  1. Select your vendor
  2. In the ORDER DETAILS box, enter what you would like ordered (feel free to contact us if you have any specific instructions)
  3. Checkout on our site for our delivery fee
  4. We'll reach out to finalize the payment for the food/goods
  5. We'll pick up your order and deliver it to your desired location on campus
  6. PAYMENT FOR FOOD/GOODS: We can accept payment via Venmo/Paypal or UniHop Cash (click here to learn more)

The prices and availability shown in the photos are subject to change. If prices are not shown, please inquire.

  1. Let UniHop take care of all the ordering and planning
  2. No more delivery scheduling issues
  3. The best way to have send someone a surprise

Deliveries off campus or to University Village may be subject to a sur-charge due to additional travel time required for the order/p>

 If your order is out of stock, we will message you to find something else!

Delivery Fee

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