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How This Works
  1. Checkout below for our Ship a Package service fee
  2. OPTIONAL: We'll drop off a free box for you to pack yourself
  3. We'll pick up your package(s)
  4. OPTIONAL: We'll make a label for you, and send a link to pay for it
  5. We'll drop off your package(s) at the requested courier

Need special boxes, protective packing material or something else to help ship your package? Contact us, we're here to help!



  1. No hassle with shipping your returns
  2. Don't stress about buying shipping supplies (tape, box, etc.)
  3. Save time walking to and from the mailing center (especially if it's off campus)


IMPORTANT: After you place your order, you will receive a text from a UniHop team member to set up your pick-up and drop-off time and location.

Customers must provide shipping labels printed out, or attached to the package(s). For an additional charge, UniHop can make a shipping label, using the customer's requested shipping information.

Delivery Fee

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