Our Commitment To Making the More World Eco-Friendly

  • Fact:

    Over 100 billion cardboard boxes are used every year in the United States, 25% of those are never recycled.

  • Fact:

    Cardboard can be recycled up between 5-7 times, and boxes can be reused as long as the box is still strong and intact.

Environmental sustainability is paramount UniHop's operations, as we are deeply committed to making the world a better place through greener practices

The UniHop team is committed to helping reduce our communities' carbon footprint created by the overconsumption of materials such as plastics, metals, paper, which typically fail to be recycled.

Here is how UniHop tackles these problems:

1. Donation Transports

We provide Transports for easy and quick donations and disposals of unwanted items. Donations allow for items to be repurposed and lower carbon emissions generated from waste and purchasing new items.

2. Bikes, Scooters & Electric Automobiles

When possible, we opt to use electric scooters and bikes to make deliveries But when that's not possible, we use a system that most efficently routes of drivers, so they are driving the least amount possible.

3. Local + Bulk Sourcing

By looking local first, we're able to source products for all of our customers using the fewest number of trips possible, and reduce the carbon emissions exerted on each order drastically.