Sustainability Initiative

How We're Being Green

Environmental sustainability is paramount UniHop's operations, as we are deeply committed to making the world a better place through greener practices.

Fact: Around 50 billion plastic water bottles are used every year in the United States, only 12% are recycled.

Fact: Over 100 billion cardboard boxes are used every year in the United States, 25% of those are never recycled.  

The UniHop team is committed to helping reduce college students' carbon footprint created by the overconsumption of materials such as plastics, metals, paper, which typically fail to be recycled. Here is how UniHop is tackling this problem:


- We use 100% recycled boxes when shipping out packages for our "Ship Out" service

- Our UniHop Shop and Same-Day services feature products that are all available for delivery without any additional packaging, and delivered on-foot or via electric scooters/skate board.

- By making delivery with student Hoppers, we eliminate the additional driving and idling that typically occurs during a grocery/food delivery