Unlimited Distance Delivery

What is a long distance delivery?

Deliveries that are outside of your local area are considered long distance. Businesses that offer delivery more than 20miles from their shop unlock thousands of new potential customers to order from them.

How To Master Offering Long Distance Deliveries

Understanding how to package your goods & price delivery for longer distances are two important pieces to starting with longer distances. Talk with your customers to better understand what they would be willing to pay for further deliveries. Every city, business & customer is different, so take your time in understanding the basics.

  • Price Fair

    Your customers have events that rely on the food arriving on-time, every time.

  • Package Smart

    Ensure that you package with transportation in mind. Liquids are sealed & items are kept at temperature

  • Set Expectations

    Having options for different group sizes, preferences & occasions = more orders

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The Most Common Long Distance Deliveries


For someone special, people are willing to spend a little extra to get the perfect gift delivered. Whether you sell everyday retail items or unique gifts, long distance deliveries offer more customers to shop from you.


Consistent streams of revenue are key to growing a successful business. Wholesale is a great revenue driver, but making sure the financials make sense is step 1. Some B2B partners may be too far from your shop for them to pickup or for your staff to drop off inventory to.


Whether it's a special occasion or just an everyday meeting, having the right business cater the even is important. Especially for larger orders, people are willing to spend extra to have your business cater their event, and if you can offer delivery to those further locations, you'll be the go-to option every time.

Local Business Delivery

Having strong delivery behind your business can make all the difference. Explore how we provide businesses with easy & convenient delivery

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