Delivering Perishables

What Are Perishables?

Perishable items can range from frozen meats to cakes, really anything that needs to be kept at a specific temperature to maintain the integrity of the product. While some items needs to remain at certain temperature for cosmetic reasons, others impose health complications, especially with meats.

How To Master Delivering Perishables

Mastering perishable delivery takes time to understand the different factors revolving the items you are delivering, the methods of delivery, your surrounding geography & the changing climate in your area. Here's a guide to getting started in the right direction.

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How to Manage Different Types of Delivery

Point to Point

Point to point deliveries are the easiest to master because there in only time in the car is the time it takes to get from pickup to drop off.

Depending on the temperature outside, having AC on in the car can typically be enough to keep the perishables stable for the shorter drivers.

For longer drives (or when it's really hot outside) it's a good idea to opt for a light hot-cold bag. For some perishables, chilling/freezing the item for a brief period of time can also help maintain the integrity of the item for items like cakes.


Depending on the duration of the route, if the items will perish before the end of the estimated route completion time, all items that are over the threshold should be put in a thermal/hot-cold bag to preserve.

Routes can bring significant cost savings, but it's also important to consider the cost of replacing the product or (fingers crossed this never happens) causing someone to get sick from your product.


Hotshots are longer deliveries that are going to have quite a bit of travel time. Depending on the specifications of the delivery, opting for hold-cold bags is typically the best plan every time.

For large loads where the temperature threshold is very specific, using a refrigerated vehicle can be best practices, especially when the drive is far.

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