Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does UniHop offer delivery?

    We currently offer delivery in all 50 US States and US territories. If you are located outside the US, reach out as we may be able to help!

  • Can UniHop help with over-sized deliveries?

    We offer delivery with vehicles ranging from bicycles to box trucks to ensure any size load can be accomodated.

  • What types of businesses does UniHop work with?

    We're business-type agnostic, and deliver everything including charcuterie, cakes, clothing, home goods & more!

  • What are UniHop's hours of delivery?

    We support delivery 24/7, 365 days a year!

  • How far in advance do I need to request deliveries?

    Deliveries can be requested for As Soon As Possible or scheduled for a time/day in the future. Pickups can be as fast as 5min after requesting!

  • Does UniHop have a subscription fee or monthly minimums?

    No subscription fees, no minimums. Our customers continue to work with us because of our service, not because of a contract.

  • I've never used a delivery company before, what can I expect?

    We provide all of the basics: tracking, text updates, insurance, etc. Additionally, we're monitoring your deliveries to make sure orders are picked up & delivered in a timely manner.

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How To Get Started

Create a Free Account

Create a free UniHop account CLICK HERE

Get Approved for Local Business Delivery

If you aren't already approved, email us at to inquire about getting your business approved for Local Business Delivery

Get Setup On the Portal or Low-Tech Integration

For our portal: Scheduling a UniHop pickup is easy! Hop on to our portal, enter in all the details, and you're all set!

For Low-Tech Integration: Setup takes as little as five minutes, and as soon as your orders start coming in, we'll start delivering!

Start Selling

As soon as an order come in, it's time to setup a delivery!

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