UniHop Shopping Cart FAQ


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How do I download the UniHop Shopping Cart?

How do I shop with the UniHop Shopping Cart?

Why is the price in my cart different than the website?

Sometimes websites have multiple prices on the website, and we accidentally grab the wrong price to display in your cart. When this happens, there are 2 things you can do:

1. You can edit the price using the little pencil icon to the left of the price

2. You can leave it be. We do not charge you the price it shows in your cart when it is more than the actual cost; that is just an estimate.

What if I want multiple of the same item?

1. You can add the item multiple times to your cart

2. You can edit the item name by clicking the little pencile to the left of the price, and add in how many you'd like

3. When you go to checkout, you can tell us that you'd like multiple

How do I pay for the items?

After we get the total cost of all of the items, we'll text you with a link to pay for the food/goods, or you can use UniHop Cash 

What if I'm ordering from 2+ stores?

Our service fee includes delivery from 1 store. We will always try to get all of the items you want from the fewest number of stores as possible. In the event that multiple stores are required, we will reachout out to you to let you know, and add a service fee for each additional store.

We may do delivery from multiple stores free of charge in some situations.

When will my delivery be made?

That's up to you! Once we have everything ready for delivery, we'll text you a super quick link to fill out, letting us know EXACTLY when and where you'd like your delivery.

What if a product I want is out of stock?

In the event that we cannot find an item you want, we'll reach out to you to see which of the following you'd like us to do.

1. We'll have the item shipped to UniHop (available in select cities) or to you.

2. We'll look for a substitute item

3. We'll cancel the item