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City Base Fee

Regular price $4.99
Regular price Free Delivery $4.99
Free Delivery Not Available

As soon as we have the grand total for your order, we'll send a quick link via text/email to complete your purchase.

After we get the total cost of all of the items, we'll text you with a link to pay for the food/goods, or you can use UniHop Cash Click here to learn more about UniHop Cash

That's up to you! Once we have everything ready for delivery, we'll text you a super quick link to fill out, letting us know EXACTLY when and where you'd like your delivery.

The following items cannot be delivered by UniHop: tobacco, cannabis, controlled substances, in-store only items.

The following stores cannot be delivered by UniHop: Trader Joes, Costco,*First-come first-serve stores*, Sam's Club, *Non-catering orders from restaurants*

Refunds/returns for items are subject to store refund/return policies. A return fee is subject to all items being returned, and includes picking up and sending the items back to the store.
For orders that require larger vehicles or of excessive weight, an extra service fee may be added to your order.
For orders that are 10+ miles from the store to the delivery address, an extended delivery fee may be added.

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