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How This Works

  1. In the ORDER DETAILS box, enter what items you would like (or shopping list, links or general descriptions)
  2. Checkout on our site, and pay our delivery fee
  3. We'll shop for your order and deliver it to your desired location
  4. PAYMENT FOR FOOD/GOODS: We'll reach out after we get the total cost of everything with a link to pay for the food/goods, or you can use UniHop Cash (click here to learn more) 

    If you do not see the store you're looking for, contact us, and we'll try to accommodate!

    1. Same-day delivery on tons of products
    2. More sustainable way to shop compared to online shopping
    3. Fellow-student who can communicate with you like a friend
    4. Very personalized shopping experience

    IMPORTANT: After you place your order, you will receive a text from a UniHop team member to set up your order.

    Cases of water are not elligible for pickup. For water delivery:CLICK HERE   No refunds/returns are available after payment is sent for items. All changes must be requested before the Hopper checks-out at the store   If you are ordering a curbside pick-up, please message us before selecting a pick-up time, and placing the order.

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