Sweet Lich's

Only Available in Miami, FL


Custom Cookie Boxes

Everyone likes cookies, but not everyone likes the same flavors. You choose the flavors, and we'll cook-em up!

Available everyday (shortened hours on Mondays)

Pies & Sampler

Sweet Lich's doesn't just stop at regular cookies. Indulge in a number of other goodies are are sure to satisfy every sweet craving!

Available everyday (shortened hours on Mondays)

  • Fresh

    All the treats are made-to-order, ensuring each cookie, pie and sweet are perfect and fresh

  • Local

    Made just a few miles from your home, these sweet treats are made local, by members/friends of the community

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About Sweet Lich's

Erik “The Baker” and his wife Steph “The Boss” run the small business, cooking up delicious cookies, made fresh for each order. Offering a variety of cookie flavors, pies, vegan options and other treats, the menu is constantly evolving to push the bound of what it means to be delicious!