Uptown Charcuterie

Only Available in New Orleans, LA


Custom Boards

Everyone likes something a little different, which is why we're giving you control to build the board of your dreams!


Pre-chosen boards with everyone's favorites. And platters for when you're not feeling in the mood for cheese and meat.

  • Flavor Filled

    A combination of rich cheeses, sweet fruits, bold nuts and exciting accompaniments making these boards a must-try!

  • Unique

    Presentation is a priority of ours, which is why we present our boards and platters on beautiful boards with design in mind. There aren't two boards quite alike!

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  • UniHop Uptown Charcuterie Board Delivery
UniHop Uptown Charcuterie Board Delivery

About Morgan

Morgan is a Tulane Alumni with a passion for bringing people together through delicious charcuterie! Her passion for creating boards stems from being a total foodie and she believes that cheese is the best gift one can give. She strives to make each Uptown Charcuterie board feel like a unique piece of edible art!